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PLEASE READ - Excite Dance meets once a week, at YOUR STUDENTS SCHOOL.  We begin class September 5th and it continues through May 2024.  It is month to month, so there are no contracts.  Auto pay for tuition runs on the 3rd of every month.  Your child's school  is listed below to show the type of dance offered, the grade/age it is offered to, as well as day and time of class.  If you do not see the school when registering, please call or text (702) 539-5306 so we may assist you.  After checking your schools information, simply click the PINK Registration button below.  If you already have an account, you can follow the same link to check your account.


$25 Registration Fee upon sign up & 

$39 per month (3-5 classes per month, price based off yearly calendar not classes per month)

WE HAVE EXPANDED!!! As a growing company, we are thrilled to expand into North Carolina, Please check out the days and times for your schools below.

All Classes are 1 HOUR - check your City & Schools day/time below:

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA                               


Mack Hip Hop (3:15pm) Grades 1st-5th   

Kim Hip Hop (3:15pm) Grades 1st-5th 

Neal Hip Hop (3:15pm) Grades 1st-5th 

Ober Hip Hop (3:15pm) Grades 1st-5th 

Tarr Hip Hop (3:30pm) Grades 1st-5th 

Somerset Hip Hop (3:00pm) Grades 1st-5th 


Bozarth Hip Hop (2:15pm)  Grades 1st-5th 

Bilbray Hip Hop (3:15pm) Grades 1st-5th 

Gehring Hip Hop (3:45pm) Grades 1st-5th 

Kay Carl  Hip Hop (3:30pm) Grades 1st-5th 

Ober Cheer (3:15pm)  Grades 1st-5th 

Scherkenbach Hip Hop (3:15pm) Grades 1st-5th 

Tarr Cheer (3:30pm) Grades 1st-5th 

Triggs Hip Hop (3:15pm) Grades 1st-5th 

Hayden Hip Hop (3:15) Grades 1st-5th  

Antonello Hip Hop (3:15pm) Grades 1st-5th 

Abston Hip Hop (3:15pm) Grades 1st-5th 

Hummel fairy take ballet & Hip Hop (3:15pm) Grade preK, Kinder & 1st


Bryan (Richard) Hip Hop (2:15pm) Grades 1st-5th 

Christensen Hip Hop (2:15pm)  Grades 1st-5th 

Goynes Hip Hop (2:15pm) Grades 1st-5th 

Rogers Hip Hop (3:15pm) Grades 1st-5th 

Newton Hip Hop (3:15pm) Grades 1st-5th 

Hayes fairytale ballet (3:15pm) Grade preK, Kinder & 1st

Hayes Hip Hop (3:15pm) Grades 1st-5th 


Frias Hip Hop (3:15pm) Grades 1st-5th 



Harris Creek Hip Hop (3:50pm) Grades 2-5th

Harris Creek Fairytale Ballet (3:50pm) Grades K-1st

For centuries, civilizations have lifted their spirits through dancing, and now your student can have the same opportunities right at their own school. Excite Dance Company offers classes located at your students school, after school, once a week.  It is super convenient because you pay as you go, you do not have to drive to a studio to get the same quality instruction, at a much more affordable price than your local dance studio costs. 


This session runs from September through May and allows the dancers to perform in a year end show as well as an extra performance throughout the year. COME DANCE WITH US!!!


Meet our talented team of instructors at Excite Dance Company. Focused on teaching exceptional technique and creating unforgettable experiences, our team is committed to our dancers’ satisfaction and success. See our instructors’  below and check them all out! All of our instructors are professionally trained teachers with an extensive background in dance, cheer, and/or college degrees in Dance Education.



Owner/Dance Instructor

Jai Eastland is the proud of owner and Artistic Director of Excite Dance Company.  Jai has been in the dance industry for over 30 years dancing for Disney, performing, entertaining and choreographing for various productions and training dancers into their professional careers. She is thrilled to be offering such a special opportunity to share her passion for the arts and movement with dancers right in the comfort of their schools.  So many dancers do not have the opportunity to train at a studio due to time, money, convenience, etc so having the same quality instructors brought to your students school is the goal of Excite Dance and we are so thrilled your student is a part of it.

Theatrical Mask


We follow school district guidelines to protect the health and safety of the students. We will report any active cases of covid shall they occur, Teachers will NOT come in sick, if there is no sub available, a make up session will be scheduled. Please do not allow your dancer to come in sick.  Masks are optional.

Urban Breakdancer


There is a wonderful feeling that one gets from the art of movement. Just ask any dedicated dancers that goes to practice every single day.


When you decide to join us at Excite Dance Company, you too will be able to take advantage of our professional staff because they travel out to your students school every week.  Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced  Dancer or Cheerleader looking to improve your technique, we guarantee you’ll find it here.

We started Excite Dance in 2015 and we continue to grow every year. We offer Hip Hop,  Cheerleading and Fairytale Ballet.  Our mission is simple, to bring studio quality dance to your students front door and make it affordable as well as accessible.



This HIP HOP class is for grades 1st to 5th grade.  Hip hop dance is a style of street dance form that evolved from hip hop culture and hip hop music.  The students will learn how to move and groove to clean, upbeat hip hop/R&B types of music.

Image by Stripe Media


Cheerleading class is for grades 1st to 5th grade.  They will learn basic cheer arm positions, cheer, chants and dance from hip hop culture and hip hop music.  The students will learn how to move and groove to clean, upbeat hip hop/R&B types of music.



So fun for our
Kinder-1st graders learning classical ballet movement



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Hiphop Class
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